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Freestyle Academy of Communication Arts & Technology

1299 Bryant Ave, Mt. View, CA 94040T 650-940-4680   F 650-961-1346
2 Required Classes: English and Design3rd/Elective Class: Film or WebAudio
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2015-2016 Students

These photos were taken on the 1st day of school in August 2015. Seniors were asked to pick Junior partners. Instructions were that they had to be in contact with each other.

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1st Week Information - Updated 8-9-15

Here's some information about your first days at Freestyle Academy


AM Session
PM Session

AM Session
PM Session

AM Session
PM Session

AM Session
PM Session

AM Session
PM Session

Juniors in Film or WebAudio Juniors in English and Design Juniors in Film or WebAudio J-Day = Juniors in English and Design* Juniors in English and Design
Seniors in English and Design Seniors in Film or WebAudio Seniors in English and Design S-Day = Seniors in English and Design* Seniors in Film or WebAudio

*THURSDAYS are alternating J-Day and S-Day.

Thursdays will also be reserved for special whole school events - guest speakers, etc.

Depending upon scheduling abnormalities, sometimes certain days will be switched so that we can even up teaching hours for classes.

Where do you go first - English or Design? Check for your name below - sorted by FIRST NAME.

What do you need for Freestyle? - Mainly your energy and creativity, but no particular thing is required. However, if you want to OPTIONALLY purchase hardware and equipment, click on the Equipment link on the left under Students for lots of information about what we use at Freestyle. Optional Equipment Purchases - Students/Parents often ask about purchasing equipment for Freestyle. No equipment is required for any student at Freestyle. You can OPTIONALLY purchase equipment/software and here is some information about what we use at Freestyle

Freestyle School Rewards through Amazon

Did you know that Freestyle can now receive 4%-16% of any of your Amazon purchases depending upon the amount and the particular item through their School Rewards program? So if you're planning to purchase anything through Amazon, please consider using one of this link so that Freestyle can be credited and receive School Rewards

Freestyle T-Shirts and Sweatshirts - see

Google Apps Account - you should have already received an email about your personal Freestyle Google Apps account and how to log in to check your Freestyle email, documents, calendars, etc. Please check for that message. If you did not receive the message, check your spam messages and/or contact You can always login to your Google Apps by going to and use your provided Freestyle email address and password. There is also a link to login on the Freestyle website - left side links, under Students, look for "Google Apps".

School and Class Calendars - to keep up to date on what's happening at Freestyle, you don't have to be logged into our Google Apps account.Parents and other teachers can also subscribe to all of the Freestyle calendars. You can simply click on the Class Calendars link on the left side of under students or go to The subsequent webpage can display all or one calendar. If need to unsubscribe or subscribe to a particular calendar, there are instructions how to do so on BTW - on the calendars:

Class websites - click on the links at the top of this page for webpages for each class.

Attendance/Absences - one call to LAHS/MVHS if absent will suffice. You can optionally email Freestyle teachers if you wish. Don't worry about informing Kid's Kab if you're absent.

Online JupiterGrades - Because Freestyle has students from LAHS, MVHS and sometimes AVHS, we use a different online grading system which allows use to use ONE resource for grading reporting to you called JUPITERGRADES (similar to SIS for LAHS and MVHS). You should have already received an email message about how to access your grades. Please login to JupiterGrades soon and edit your contact information. On subsequent logins, you can go to or click on the Grades link on the Freestyle website left side links under Students to access your grades 365/24/7.

Contributions for various non-classroom items. Instead of asking for Contributions for different items throughout the year, we are instead asking for a SINGLE voluntary contribution at the beginning of the year which will cover all items. Here's what we're asking for in terms of Contributions - a total of $100 (or more, if you wish) for the following:

  Total = $100 (or more, if you wish) and your check can be made out to Freestyle Academy, not to LAHS or MVHS, and given to Mr. Florendo

All school de Young Museum Field Trip - lots more details here.

Freestyle Back-To-School-Night

During Back-To-School Night at LAHS/MVHS, there are different procedutes for LAHS and MVHS

In addition, Freestyle parents/students are encouraged to:

How do I log into computers at Freestyle? - You have a personal network account that works only on Freestyle computers.

Accessing your files from home - You can access your files at home if you have Mac -click on the "Accessing Files" link on the left side under Students.

Freestyle Wi-Fi - Connect your device to this network: Freestyle. Ask your teachers or Seniors about the password.

Freestyle Kid's Kab - free van transportation for LAHS students. Click here for more info.

MVHS Parking Permits for LAHS students. LAHS Parking Permits are valid in the MVHS Parking Lot. Obtain your LAHS Parking Permit at LAHS.

Alumni Discussion Panel - on the 1st Thursday, we will have former students return to discuss how the Freestyle experience has impacted what they are doing now in college, post college, internships, and/or work place. Parents are welcome to join either session of 10:50AM-11:35 AM or 1-1:45 PM. Please let know if parents are attending. Juniors in the Film Room and Seniors in the English Room.

Exhibitions - please click on the Info > Exhibitions link on the left for more info about our Exhibitions.

Learning software applications - at Freestyle, we use Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Bridge, Flash, Lightroom, Dreamweaver, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Pro Tools, Reason, Google Apps, Final Cut Pro, and Garageband - just to name a few major applications. There are lots of video tutorials on the web to learn these applications. We HIGHLY recommend using tutorials.

Stats about this year - click on image for larger version

2012-2013 Statistics


Printing at Freestyle

Adding fonts to your Library. Download any special font. Usually double clicking on the downloaded font will install the font in the right place for you. If the special font doens't install properly, you can manually install the font in your Home folder > Library > Fonts. If you can't see your Library Folder, to go Finder > Go > Go to folder > type in ~/Library > click on Go > navigate to your Fonts folder > move all your downloaded fonts into this Fonts folder. You then have to restart the application in which you want to use the new font. The fonts will travel with you to each new computer you log into at school.

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