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Contributions for various non-classroom items. Instead of asking for Contributions for different items throughout the year, we are instead asking for a SINGLE voluntary contribution at the beginning of the year which will cover all items. Here's what we're asking for in terms of Contributions - a total of $100 (or more, if you wish) for the following:

  • $20 for Mid–Year Exhibition Computer History Museum Venue Rental
  • $25 for Artist In Residence Program
  • $15 for Guest Speakers, Field Trip Costs
  • $25 for Exhibition Costs
  • $15 for Field Trip Bus Costs - trip on the Tuesday after Labor Day

  Total = $100 (or more, if you wish) and your check can be made out to Freestyle Academy (not LAHS or MVHS) and given to Mr. Florendo


Later in the semester, you will receive a letter with the Freestyle Tax ID# and the amount of your contribution for tax write-off purposes.


With your support, many exciting opportunities and learning experiences at Freestyle are possible!
Thank YOU very much!



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These photos were taken on the 1st day of school in August 2014. Seniors were asked to pick Junior partners. Can you tell which are the Seniors?


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